Tuesday, September 25, 2007

the song of my heart (lately)

you know how sometimes a certain song will just really hit you in a different light for reasons you cannot explain? maybe it is just me. the boys and i have been listening to 'a collision' dvd by david crowder for months on end since i never take the time to switch dvds in the suburban. yesterday evening on our way out the song "wholly yours" was playing and casey was singing along which prompted coleman to join in, repeating after him. suffice it to say that i wept. just like that, right on research forest in 5 pm traffic. over a song i have heard a million and one times. perhaps hearing the words fresh and new out of the mouths of the boys just got to me. a friend recently wrote in her blog about how her children have been instruments of God in her life on many occasions. this was one of them for me. and now that song echoes in my mind all day long. i thought you might enjoy seeing the words in print and pondering on them yourself. i don't know the rules of printing someone else's song in your blog, but i am giving the credit to the author, and i know he wrote it to encourage believers and to bring glory to God, so hopefully it will be okay.

i am full of earth. you are heaven's worth.
i am stained with dirt, prone to depravity.
you are everything that is bright and clean, the antonym of me. you are divinity.
but a certain sign of grace is this: from the broken earth
flowers come up pushing through the dirt.
you are holy, holy , holy.
all heaven cries holy, holy, God.
you are holy, holy, holy.
i want to be holy like you are.
you are everything that is bright and clean
and you're covering me with your majesty.
and the truest sign of grace was this:
from wounded hands redemption fell down, liberating man.
but the harder i try, the more clearly can i feel the depth of our fall and the weight of it all.
and this might could be the most impossible thing: your grandness in me
making me clean.
glory, glory, hallelujah.
so here i am, all of me. finally everything.
wholly, wholly yours.
i am full of earth and dirt and You.


angelasustala said...

Precious sounds!
I love that!

Greg and Joy Ryan said...

so sweet

Stacie said...

i can certainly see how hearing those words of praise sung by the boys would bring you to tears. it does me just thinking about it. what a precious moment...thanks for sharing. now i'll never hear that song again without weeping, i'm sure.

Star Molegraaf said...

It's little moments like that- that make being a mamma the best job ever!