Monday, February 25, 2008

It's a Wonderful Life

I would love to be able to convey adequately with words on a page just how much I love being a baseball mom. I could not be more fulfilled. To give you a glimpse into this wonderful world is my goal with today's post. Our team was formed this spring from families we have played with in previous seasons through little league, families we met during special tournaments and families we have just met through the new venue we are playing through. We are the Team Extreme Kings. We spend lots of time together watching our boys practice both at our home practice field (a little field called Dream Catcher's field out in the country surrounded by horses, cows, a barn, and a little pond) and at the batting cages. Our boys' siblings ranging in age from 2 to 16, learn to look forward to spending time together with wiffle balls and bats off to the side, digging in the dirt, coloring in their shared "to go" coloring books, pushing toy cars around, sharing snacks,tossing a football, or just plain running around being kids. It is so fun to see the personalities blending as they all pair off and find ways to enjoy their time both at practice and at games. The parents (a mix-matched bunch from all different walks of life brought together through our children's interest in baseball) chat about all sorts of stuff from the light topics to the heavier stuff as special bonds are formed for us grown ups as well, all the while paying close attention to what goes on with our team. We get to meet many members of extended families as aunts,uncles, grandparents and cousins come to watch the boys play. We all share so much from the simpler emergency band-aids or benadryl, peanuts or kettle korn, sunscreen or bleacher blankets to the more complicated life stuff like how to handle our toddlers when defiant, or our players when they pout about getting out, or advice for a daughter facing the tough choices during her teen years, or even prayers for a family member diagnosed with cancer. I have such fond memories of the same scene way back when Chris' parents and I drove all over the south following Chris' college team, forming the same kinds of bonds, weathering the cold, enjoying the sunshine, just watching the game of baseball being played by someone we love. I hope that our Kings team stays together a long time. It is a very special blessing to be a part of this world.
Here, our team prays together before the game...

Here, Coleman and cousin James work to get a hat on that sun vulnerable head.
Here, father and son, Chris and Cody work "together" coaching the team and cheering them on...
And here, my sleepy baby takes a break from a very full day at the ballpark.
Oh, and here are our boys with their first rate coaches after the trophy presentation....

If I could have a string of a million weekends just like this previous was perfect! We had so much fun at Casey's tournament. The newly formed team played in their first of many to come and brought home the 2nd place trophy! Life is good.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just call me a Baseball Mom

My friend Lorren did this quiz on her blog, and I took it and was dubbed a soccer mom hen. I prefer baseball.

What type of Mother Hen Are You?
by Educational Resource

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Valentine

I love you because.....

You love Jesus.

You love me, our boys, our parents, our siblings, their love family.

You are balanced in your approach to life.

You care about staying fit.

You care about me staying fit, but don't criticize me when I don't.

You make friends wherever you go.

People (including our boys) listen when you speak.

You love change.

You are always trying to better yourself in some way.

You are also confident in your greatness just like you are.

You are creative, and yes, innovative.

You are the only man I have ever been attracted to both inside and out.

You are our family's fearless leader.

You are our family's provider. (above and beyond)

You support me being home with the boys as a full time job.

You have common sense.

You are always thinking and planning.

You rarely have idle time.

You are a talented athlete.

You are intensely competitive. (you're intense, period)

You are a perfectionist.

You respect your parents, and mine.

You never drag your feet about anything, you dive right in.

You are not embarrassed to admit failure (that one time it happened)

You succeed at most everything.

You will admit when you are wrong.

You misplace things and ask me where they are.

You love to eat out.

You will quietly eat oatmeal when dinner is a flop.

You are not afraid to face life's toughest challenges head on.

You make our marriage pretty easy.

You are strong.

You invest in our future.

You love road trips.

You are the perfect role model for the boys (we should feel we've done our job if they turn out just like you.)

You are completely honest. (even when honesty is the difficult path)

You can be trusted completely.

You don't run from conflict.(you are actually pretty good at it)

You are really good looking.

You are a trendsetter.

You are an individual, never trying to blend in with the crowd.

You have an exceptional eye for detail.

You have impeccable tastes.

You make things beautiful.

You are decisive.

You drive a 2003 Ford Taurus instead of a big Dodge Ram.

You are the all time BEST coach ever. (the perfect balance of discipline and fun)

You are the BEST dad in the world.

You have grown compassionate towards people.

You always know the right thing to say.

You really don't like weddings, but you go to one now and again to humor me.

You cast great vision.

You dream big.

You can accomplish more in a day than anyone I know.

You also know that you need days where all you accomplish is rejuvenation.

You like to stay up late and sleep in.

You cannot sit still long.

You get cabin fever in a hurry.

You hate potluck dinners and casseroles.

Your standards for cleanliness are catching.

You always make me laugh.

You make everyone laugh.

You don't really care what others think of you, but most admire you anyhow.

You let our boys be boys.

You allow football, baseball, and basketball in the house...even the living room.

You don't even notice when the house is a mess.

You will indulge me when I worry over little things where the boys are concerned.

You exude confidence and inspire it in those whose lives you touch.

You are amazing in front of a crowd. (inspirational and entertaining)

You are a hypochondriac, yet at the deepest level you trust in the Lord.

You admire your dad.

You always go to bat for those who work for you, even if you have to privately reprimand later.

You are a great employee with a hard working, get things done kind of attitude.

You are fun to be around.

You are ever so patient with my weaknesses.

You are faithful.

You are a great man of faith.

You are building an incredible legacy.

You are truly one in a million.

You are mine.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend Sports Update

It was a great weekend. The weather was beautiful and both boys' baseball teams had tons of fun at a warm up tournament. If this weekend was any indication of the coming season, then we have lots to look forward to watching these teams play! Here's one of my favorite shots of Casey trying his hand at pitching.

Here is Cody on his way back in to the dugout at the end of an inning.

Their basketball team won their first playoff game earning a chance to play in a semi-final next Saturday morning and quite possibly make it to the championship game. It has been great having them on the same team this winter! I have included a couple of photos just to give a glimpse, but I can't seem to get good shots in the gym lighting.