Thursday, December 13, 2007

'Tis the season

As mentioned in the holiday quiz, I have been working on getting the perfect (and ever-so-evasive) Christmas card photo. So very soon you should be receiving yours in the mail. In between cookie timers yesterday, I went online and ordered the cards and they will be ready to pick up today. I will race to process the addressing and stamping and get them to you sometime the week before Christmas. Yay! I thought you may enjoy some of the photos that led up to the one we finally chose (which you shall see when it arrives is far from perfect, but fun nonetheless!)


Lorren said...

Are Cole AND Cody crying in that picture? I can't wait to get our card.

stephanie said...

cody is faking...kind of making a joke if you will....real funny.

angelasustala said...

SO stinkin' cute!!
Don't you just miss the days of ONLY ONE sweet baby to photograph? Man, life was so simple then! Pictures become so much more complicated with each little face added to the mix!
I love it ... its just classic ... and I think its a rite of passage not only for us mammas but for the kids as well.

Anonymous said...

Three of the most handsome boys in the world!! Also 3 of the most fun.
It is so amazing that 3 boys being difficult are just darling when they are grandsons and so much trouble when sons. Just think, their great grandmother Ryan had 7 of the little darlings!!

Rachel said...

Love the pictures! So darn cute!

Stacey said...

Thanks so much for sending the blog link on your card! What can I say...I have been sitting here for an hour giggling with a snort ot two along the way while I have been reading! I know it has been years, but I can still hear your sweet voice and imagine your funny facial expressions as I am reading. I also took a look at Natalie's blog too; she actually emailed me thru the cyfairalumni site a year or so ago. Hope you both don't mind me stalking from time to time!
Have a wonderful Christmas, and let's catch up! Miss ya!

Rachel said...

The finished card was soooooo precious! GOod choice! Thanks for sending it out!