Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Field Day Fun

Field day is always a special memory when I think back on childhood days. My boys were by the luck of the draw in the classes that were assigned the colors pink and purple for their shirts. I never dreamed I'd see those clothes laying out on a school morning at my house!


Natalie said...

Happy to see your back posting. Do you know about google reader? You can list your blogs that you like to read and then they automatically come up when something new has posted. It's great! Just search "Google Reader" and you will find it.

Natalie said...

Oh, duh...I just saw the link on your sidebar for the link to tell you when this blog has been updated by email. That is a cool thing too. BTW, the boys look fabulous in pink!

Stacie said...

love the pink and purple! too funny!!!! wonder if that could possibly be foreshadowing a sister to be added to the mix someday?? :)