Sunday, July 20, 2008

What? No more Baseball?

We have officially finished baseball season 2008 in the Ryan home.
It is such a strange feeling. What on earth are we gonna do with ourselves? (no worries, folks, tackle football starts in a few weeks...Chris is at the draft as I type)
I wanted to share a little bit of our "grand finale" with you guys here on the blog. I probably have too many pictures to share on here, so I will split it into separate posts for each week. It rained quite a bit the first week, and I had my cameras tucked away safe and dry too much of the time. So I have more pics from the second week to share. Hopefully, another parent was more brave than I during all those wet games and got some good ones to share with me. To end the season, both boys' teams earned a trip to the USSSA World Series. Cody played in Sulphur, Louisiana the week of July 6-12 and Casey played in Baton Rouge the week of July 13-20. We loaded up the suburban and left early Sunday the 6th. We pulled in and unloaded late last night, Saturday the 19th. We couldn't have asked for a better two weeks of family "vacation"!

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