Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Patriotism over Politics

I heard a reporter on FOX use that phrase. Truly, that is how I feel today. What an amazing moment in the history of the world. I am strangely overcome with emotion, sitting in front of the TV folding clothes and crying intermittently. I enjoyed it all. Watching the miracle of a peaceful transition of power. It is humbling to be so privileged to live in this great nation. History has always been so fascinating to me and a chance to witness it as it unfolds makes me feel so blessed. I wish I could taste the historic meal they are serving. I wish I could have been there to wave my flag and pay my tribute and honor to the Bush family and the Cheney family. I fell to my knees and earnestly prayed with Rick Warren, then laughed and cried at the prayer of the reverend who actually attended the speech Martin Luther King made so many years ago. I wonder how George and Laura really feel at this moment. How bittersweet watching them board the helicopter, and then I wonder if he was blinking back tears or if it was just the wind in his face as he waved farewell upon boarding Air Force One (Special Air Mission). I imagine them holding it all together for the cameras today, then spending the evening finally alone leaning on one another as they have so many times, and then perhaps indulging in sleeping in just a bit tomorrow. All the years of service to our country, the stress that was a part of every moment of their lives for the past decade...imagine when they finally get to the place where it is just the two of them at the conclusion of today's events. I loved seeing Barack and Michelle's beautiful daughters celebrate for their daddy. I really even enjoyed the moments when the past presidents and their wives were introduced. And hearing the musical arrangements that have stood the test of time and are played proudly by those chosen to play today. I think the speech was well written and eloquently delivered, though I think that just the moment in history itself speaks loudest regardless of the words. I really wonder what kind of president Obama will turn out to be...how I pray he will continually be equipped supernaturally for the job. So for me today, way above my politics, I am focused on patriotism and stand totally in awe of the hopes of history being fulfilled today when a man whose father could not even drink from a common water fountain stepped into the highest office in our land.


Shannon said...

well said, my friend!

Amy said...

What a beautiful reflection! I felt proud to be an American today and was surprised to feel hope and inspiration. God is still with us. The political pendulum has to swing back and forth...it is what makes our country great. I too am so grateful for the Bush Family and was so moved at the way they embraced the Obama's. Wow, what an amazing witness to the character of that family. A couple of my kids were home sick and we laughed together at "mellow yellow" and the other color comments!

Stacie said...

you have such a way with words. not surprisingly, you expressed many of the same sentiments i was feeling yesterday, but couldn't have put into words as beautifully as you did. i, too, was emotional as i sat watching the inauguration with my class full of fourth graders. i thought a lot about the promise of their futures, and the progress of the past. and as you said, i feel honored and blessed to have witnessed history in the making!