Monday, February 16, 2009

Cancer strikes again

Please join me in praying for my lifelong friend, Stacey as she faces the battle of her life. At this point a diagnostic ultrasound has revealed that a mass found in her breast is acutally two masses with additional abnormalities found between the two masses and in the lymph nodes as well as thyroid. Tuesday she meets with a surgeon and a biopsy, diagnosis and treatment plan should follow. She is a precious friend, sister, daughter, wife, mother to two boys and teacher to first graders. Pray for strength for her and for her sweet family. Thank you so much for your prayers. When she starts a blog or carepage I will add it to my sidebar.
Update: February 17 , 2009
I added her caringbridge site to the sidebar under please pray for...
My forever friend Stacey


Lorren said...

Thank you for letting us know, Steph. This is terrible news and I will be praying for Stacey and her family. How fortunate she is to have a friend like you to walk her through this!

Amy said...

I will pray tonight for your friend. A dear friend of mine is having surgery tomorrow for a brain anuerysm and my heart is so sick about it. I am so sorry that cancer has reared its ugly head again to one that you love. May God give Stacey the strength and grace to persevere through the treatments.