Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer Berry-Pickin'

In a valiant effort to keep the gang entertained, we all loaded in the burb today and went to a local orchard where you can pick seasonable fruits and veggies! Some of our neighbors had the great idea and invited us along. Even the quick little rain that fell on us as we drove over was not enough to cool down the berry orchard. It was crazy hot. But we all had a great time and we have some delicious "fruit" to show for our efforts! I was even able to pick a few salmonella-free tomatoes, though they were not quite yet ripe. Guess in a few days we can enjoy a half recipe of the fresh salsa we're used to around here!!
Blackberries and Blueberries.....YUM!!


Lorren said...

Love your new layout! Those fresh blueberries are so good.

Kelly Marler said...

Hey girlie!! I have really enjoyed our lives crossing paths again!! I am so glad to see the Ryan boys enjoyed it!! Seeing those berries makes me want some myself.

Stacey said...

mmmmm! you have given me a great idea here! i believe there will be a berry pickin' day in our future!
what a great photo op!

Rachel said...

Love your new layout too. Those berries look yummy! And what a fun day, don't the berries taste better when you pick them yourself?