Tuesday, August 5, 2008

8 Years Old!

There's one theme that rings true for me in the last few weeks and it is how time flies! I really cannot believe Cody is 8 years old. Something about having a couple of boys close together lends itself to feeling like you haven't had much chance to just sit and savor the moments. Oh, I try. And much of them time I do stop, slow down and just soak up whatever little thing happens to be going on in a given moment. It seems that doesn't happen enough, however, and so I woke up yesterday with an 8 year old.

What fun it has been to have Cody in our lives. Right from the start, he was determined. Of course back then we thought maybe it was colic. He just made sure we did not forget about him for long! Cody loves the simple things in life. Having a day to take it easy in his boxers all day long, playing cards or board games, being outside exploring or getting a chance to go fishing. On the flip side of that, things are rarely simple when it comes to competing. Cody can get pretty intense, and there is no need to test him, he does mean business and he does have a line that shouldn't be crossed. Never fear though, you won't have to wonder if you've crossed it. He is also quite the observer of both people and happenings around him. As a result, no one finds more stuff than he does. If you've lost it, he will find it...especially if it happens to be money! Of the many sides of Cody, one of the dearest to me is his tender and sweet heart where his intensity spills over. His sensitivity and capacity for caring knows no bounds. It is such a privilege and a joy to have been chosen to parent Cody. Chris and I look so forward to seeing the man that he becomes and being a part of the process along the way!


Greg and Joy Ryan said...

my sweet cody
it is so hard to believe you are 8 years old. your birth marks the day that i met your uncle greg! it has been a pleasure seeing you grow up even when i wasn't part of teh family.

Stacie said...

Your Mama knows you well (of course)...I love the way she describes your personality as having the capacity to both care so deeply and compete so fiercely!! You are one amazing young man, and I am so glad God let me be your aunt!!! We love you lots!!
Aunt Stacie, H, H, & H :)

Stacey said...

Happy 8th birthday,Cody!
Hope all of your wishes come true!