Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Boy and His Bike

The older two got money to get new bikes for their birthdays so we went out and picked them out this past weekend. (thanks grammy and pops...great idea!) Coleman has been practicing and has become quite proficient on his little bike right out in the court. We also got one for mom with a handy seat on back for Coleman to use when we go the distance. If you know me, you realize this is because I am not about to send my boys out on their bikes to cover much territory without me being along for the ride. I figure they are too old to ride in circles on the culdesac now. The only thing Cody wanted to do for his birthday was to go on a ride to the dirt hills as a family. As a bonus, our next door neighbors were available and rode along with us making it all the more fun for everyone!


Kelly Marler said...

Biking is fun, especially all together. You guys live where it is great for that!! So many fun trails, enjoy the new bikes!! Oh, and I am right there with you when you say they do not go too far out of view...better safe then sorry, plus you get to enjoy the ride as well!!

Kelly Marler said...

Oh, and tell them HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Cade and Cole!!